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Colectivo Coffee

Colectivo Coffee

Fresh Brewed
Cold Brew
Nitro Brew
Nitro w/ Vanilla Sweet Cream
Pour Over


  • Latte
    Café Miel
    Hot Chocolate
  • Espresso (DBL)
    Macchiato (DBL)
    Cortado (4 oz)
    Flat White (8 oz)
  • Flavors
    Dark chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, sugar free vanilla, sugar free chocolate, sugar free hazelnut.
    Milk Alternatives 
    Oat, Soy, Coconut, or Almond Milk
Hot, Iced or Blended Coffee Drinks

Specialty Drinks


  • Salted Caramel Truffle
    Caramel mocha latte, sea salt, caramel drizzle
  • Dulce de Leche Latte
    Caramel latte, cinnamon, caramel drizzle
  • Raspberry White Mocha
    White chocolate mocha, raspberry drizzle
  • Honey Coconut Latte
    Coconut milk latte, honey, coconut, honey drizzle
  • Cold Brew Horchata
    Oat milk, cinnamon, vanilla syrup


  • Frappes
    Caramel, mocha, or vanilla; espresso, whipped cream
  • Espresso Shake
    Espresso, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream
  • Mocha Mud Shake
    Espresso, mocha mud pie ice cream, whipped cream


One scoop of ice cream served with a double espresso on the side.

Teas & Smoothies

Tea & Smoothies


  • Letterbox Tea
    Organic black, white, green and herbal tea.
  • Chai Tea Latte
    Spicy chai tea latte served hot or iced
  • Matcha Vanilla Latte
    Japanese green tea latte, hint of vanilla
  • Iced Sportea
    Naturally energizing tea beverage
  • Iced Tea
    Fresh brewed. Ask for today’s options!


Made with real fruit.
Mango, Peach, Triple Berry, Strawberry Banana, Piña Colata.

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