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Comment by Bob | 11/16/2015

Favorite flavor: All are my favorite

I no longer live in Chippewa Falls but when I return I have to always visit Olson's Ice Cream. I now live in San Francisco and there is no ice cream that can beat the taste and richness of Olson's.

Comment by Sarah Ahmad | 11/21/2014

Favorite flavor: Maple Nut

Of course the ice cream is Amazing - but they have a wonderful menu - never disappointed!

Comment by Betty Hill | 10/01/2014

Favorite flavor: black licorice

Do you sell licorice ice cream?

Yes we do!

Comment by April | 09/23/2014

Favorite flavor: Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest ice cream is amazing!!!!! Not being the biggest ice cream fan, I went in because I wanted a sweet treat. And then I tried the Oktoberfest! Best ice cream I have ever had. I wish this was available in Appleton, WI!!

Comment by Paul | 08/22/2014

Favorite flavor: Glacier Bay Lemon

This is the best ice cream I've ever had. I wish it was closer to home!! I would definitely detour if I go anywhere near Chippewa Falls. My family wishes you shipped it out.

Comment by Tina J | 03/13/2014

Favorite flavor: Coffee Caramel

If you love coffee, you do NOT want to miss out on coffee caramel. It is divine!! Summer hurry up and get here!

Comment by Kathleen M. | 11/15/2013

Favorite flavor:

Back in the day, my mom took me to Olson's for a Peppermint Candy cone. It probably was at Easter time, loved that ice cream!

Comment by mary s | 08/07/2013

Favorite flavor: mocha mud pie

This was the best ice cream! The price was very reasonable too. I wish you sold it in lower michigan.

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