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Comment by Mary | 07/04/2017

Favorite flavor: Bubblegum

The bubblegum ice cream is so good I wish it wasn't just seasonal. I wish it was all year! If anyone at Olson's see's this could you bring it up with the owner?
Thanks, Mary


Thanks for your feedback, Mary. We're so happy you love the bubble gum ice cream. We have so many great flavors and only so much space to store it and display it, so we have to rotate flavors in and out seasonally (sometimes weekly!). We hope if you stop back in the off season, you'll be able to find another flavor you love!

Comment by Emma | 06/10/2017

Favorite flavor: Chocolate Monster

Stopping at Olson's is a must every time we go to our cabin. My first taste of Olson's ice cream was at age two.

Comment by Jim Uren | 06/03/2017

Favorite flavor: Butter Brickle

The bakery in Chetek claims to have Olson's butter brickle.....any truth to that? I thought it was a name problem with who owned it.


Jim, thanks for checking in! In fact, we DO sell our ice cream to Chetek Bakery! They've been carrying our ice cream since the summer of 2016. 

Comment by Daenerys Wallace | 12/20/2016

Favorite flavor: All of them :D

Best ice cream in the world!

Comment by Grady Fredrick | 12/08/2016

Favorite flavor: caramel cashew

best ice cream ever

Comment by Danny W | 12/08/2016

Favorite flavor: All of them

I never get ice cream since I'm lactose intolerant, but when I wasn't I used to always want to go to Olson's, my favorite ice cream shop. It may be small, but it has a hole lot of heart!


Danny, lactose intolerance is no fun! But guess what? We make our own delicious, creamy sorbet that's dairy free! We want our lactose intolerant friends to be able to stop by Olson's and enjoy a treat too!

Comment by Nate meinen | 12/07/2016

Favorite flavor: new sorbet

i love sorbet but the new recipe is even better

Comment by Bob | 11/16/2015

Favorite flavor: All are my favorite

I no longer live in Chippewa Falls but when I return I have to always visit Olson's Ice Cream. I now live in San Francisco and there is no ice cream that can beat the taste and richness of Olson's.

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