Sundae only 20 cents - Olson Interior

The history of Olson’s Ice Cream is almost as rich as the ice cream itself. In 1923, Albert J. Olson and his brother began making their “Homaid” Ice Cream at Knapp Dairy in Knapp, Wisconsin. Albert moved his family to Chippewa Falls and began making ice cream as well as processing milk in 1944 at Olson’s Creamland Dairy. We are still located in that same building at 611 North Bridge Street in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The Olson family processed milk and made their own mix for the ice cream until 1975, when they stopped bottling milk altogether.

With a penchant for the highest quality, Howard Olson (Albert’s son) worked with another dairy to develop the same ice cream mix his family had made for decades: only fresh whole milk, cream and sweetened condensed milk are used – never any powders or fillers. That same, high quality mix is still used today.

The tradition of making ice cream in small, Homaid, batches with the original, high quality mix continues today. You may even see us making ice cream when you stop in. After building the business and the premium reputation for Olson’s Ice Cream for decades, Howard and his son, David, sold the business to the Hunt family in 2007. Though ownership of Olson's has changed, it's what has stayed the same that is important. Olson's continues to make top quality ice cream, using the tried and true recipes they've always made, with a few new recipes added to the roster.

over 80 original recipes since 1944

Dining Room c.1980

With over 80 recipes of delicious ice cream developed over the years, there are always a variety of seasonal favorites to go with the regular flavors. In fact, there are between 25 and 31 flavors available all the time.

Locals and visitors have made a tradition of stopping for “an Olson’s”. Many times during the summer, a line of guests stretches out the door and down the street. We regularly hear stories from our guests about how they have been coming to Olson’s since they were children (even our guests that are 90+ years old).

With the demand for Olson’s Ice Cream growing, a number of retail stores now carry the Olson’s brand. In addition, Olson’s can be found in several local restaurants and other dipping operations.

We have been serving our guests with only the highest quality, Homaid ice cream for almost 100 years, and we look forward to serving Olson’s finest for generations to come.