Here are a few frequently asked questions:

What are your hours?

It is our pleasure to be open to serve you every day except for the following days: New Year’s, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our hours do change with the seasons. View our current hours.

How many flavors do you have?

We are proud to offer you between 28 and 31 delicious flavors at any given time.  Our 80 plus flavors allow us to provide you with an ever changing selection of your favorites. View our current list of flavors.

Do you ever make new flavors?

Absolutely! Customers love to give us ideas and are always willing to be “taste testers”. New favorites in the past few years include: Strawberry-Kiwi, Raspberry Green Tea, Coffee Caramel, Mango and many others.

Do you have any fat free or low-fat options?

Of course! We offer a line of low-fat options as well as rainbow sherbet and fruit smoothies.

How long have you been in business?

Olson’s has been in the dairy and ice cream business since 1921 and in our current location in downtown Chippewa Falls since 1941. Take a trip down memory lane.

Is your ice cream really Homaid, and do you make your own?

We have been making our own ice cream for many decades. We are very particular with our ingredients.  Several decades ago, Howard Olson developed the ice cream mix that we still use today. He also worked with a supplier to develop our special vanilla flavoring. We use only the finest ingredients to ensure you are pleasantly surprised every time you enjoy “an Olson’s”. If you stop in while we are making ice cream, please be sure to look through the glass windows to see us in action.

Do you give tours?

We give some prearranged tours primarily to school and youth groups.  We have also set up the ice cream room with glass windows, so you can watch us make your favorite flavors.

Do you have food?

Yes, we have a delicious lunch menu served Monday through Saturday featuring Homaid soups, meats from the local butcher shop and many other delectable treats. View our deli menu.

Do you sell your ice cream anywhere else?

Yes, we sell to a number of retailers and restaurateurs in the area. View all locations.

Do you sell your ice cream in packages to go?

We offer a number of your favorite flavors in quart, half gallon and gallon containers ready to go.  Also, we will scoop a container of your favorite flavor from the display case if we do not have it ready to go

Do you deliver?

We would love to serve you by delivering (in our local delivery area only) during lunch hours (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM) Monday through Friday for orders over $20.